Success Stories

“I have known Debbie since she embarked on her Polestar Pilates Mat training. I mentored Debbie through her training as she developed her skills and encompassed her learnings becoming a proficient teacher with depth and insight for this mind body style of movement practice. I invited Debbie to join the teaching team at V Pilates Studio for her nurturing and caring manner and her ability to hold each client as an individual. Debbie is not only knowledgeable in the physical aspect to movement but is able to empathise with overcoming self doubt and supporting clients to be the best version of themselves in a non judgemental and supportive manner”. 
Vikki Harris

Owner of V Pilates Studio Burgess Hill

Polestar Pilates Educator

Debbie is a skilled, encouraging and patient teacher. Her extensive knowledge of Pilates, anatomy and physiology enables her to individually tailor each session to my needs. I have made significant improvements in flexibility and the management of my increasingly painful hip and knees”.


“I have been attending Debbie’s Pilates classes for a year now and I cannot believe what a significant improvement her training has made to my body. I have become stronger physically and mentally. It has helped my balance and the pain from a back injury that I have suffered from for many years has eased using the correct Pilates exercises, Debbie ensures that I do not carry out any exercise that would cause discomfort or further injury to that area. Debbie has a vast amount of knowledge regarding Pilates and anatomy and I feel safe in the fact that I can trust her to push me to certain challenges that I did not know that I was capable of with my injury, but with her skilful explanations, my body is going from strength to strength, as is my confidence”.

Linda J

“I have been having weekly 1-2-1 Pilates lessons with Debbie for 2 years. During this period I have noticed great improvement in my range of movement and flexibility. I was having some problems with getting in and out of the bath easily, but now I have noticed that it is not a problem at all. Debbie is an inspiring, patient and kind teacher. I totally look forward to, and enjoy, each Pilates 1-2-1 sessions with her. I did not really like Pilates before, but now I love it, thanks to Debbie and her imaginative methods of teaching. Pilates is obviously Debbie’s passion and it is to the benefit of anyone who takes a 1-2-1 session or class with her”.

Sarah R

“I have been attending a Pilates group class with Debbie in a lovely yurt in Kingswood for the last 3 years and this year have added 1-2-1 sessions to my Pilates practice. I can’t recommend Debbie highly enough. Debbie doesn’t just follow the same programme every week but tailors the sessions to suit my body, using her extensive knowledge and understanding of anatomy,  physiology and energy. Debbie is very friendly and approachable and each week encourages me to achieve that little bit more, whilst working safely within the capabilities of my body, without me feeling I’m at a boot camp! I’m really feeling the benefits of working with Debbie, my body shape is changing, I feel more flexible, fitter, healthier and more in tune with my body”.


“A bone scan 4 years ago identified I had osteoporosis in my upper back, I was increasingly finding it difficult to lift my arms or stand or walk for any length of time. I was becoming very bent over. When I met Debbie I knew she could help me. I also recognised I wasn’t ready to do any physical work as my body was still full of emotions of grief. Six months later I felt able to start Pilates on a one to one basis. I have been doing Pilates on a 1-2-1 basis for 20 months and I am amazed at my progress. The exercises are so slow and effortless and have allowed me to stand up straighter. I can feel my shoulders now on the back of chairs. I am now able to tune into the slow movements within my body and feel any hesitations or wobbles. I can lift my arms up now and so from a functional point of view my everyday life has improved. Debbie is an incredible teacher, her language is clear and encouraging. Her touch seems to give my body a sense of indication as to where to move from and to.  Sometimes I still get confused and Debbie assures me I am making new neural pathways and it can take time to change old habits. I’m so pleased that I can move better and my sessions with Debbie are so important to me that I do my best to avoid missing any sessions. I have also joined one of Debbie’s classes now that I feel more confident. I still do my weekly 1-2-1 session so thatI get her full attention. Give your body an opportunity your mind won’t regret and see what Pilates with Debbie can do for you”.


Debbie is without a doubt the best personal trainer I have ever had. Over the years I have had several personal trainers but have given up on them because they were not working with my body and my health but to their own personal agenda. What Debbie does is to absolutely personalize the training to the individual. She aims to achieve the individuals’ goals and not her own. She listens to the client and incorporates what the client needs and requirements are into the sessions. Debbie has intensive knowledge of how the body works and functions. She is constantly updating that knowledge with further training and seminars. This knowledge helps the client understand their own body, why they are doing a particular exercise and how to achieve the best results. She incorporates not only gym work but Pilates, cardio, weights and core work, but only if the client wants that. If on one session I require perhaps say just cardio then she will enable me to have that. Debbie has a wonderful way of encouraging you to do your utmost and get the best out of your session. I will not let her go as my trainer!

Binny, aged 52 

“If you want great results with somebody that keeps you super motivated then Debbie is the person to see. She has trained me for more than 6 years and there has never been a time when I have wanted to have an excuse not to train (and I am not a gym bunny). She is the most creative, multi discipline trainer out there – we do cardio, Pilates, strength and conditioning, there is never a dull moment. On top of being able to get you fitter, slimmer and more toned than you have ever been, she has such a wealth of knowledge that she gets your head in the right place too”.


“When I started personal training I had no confidence in myself. In truth, I had little confidence that the training would work either. I imagined some judgemental, scary, super fit woman would walk into my house and work me to breaking point, however I was at a place where even this seemed preferable to remaining the size that I was. I was pleasantly surprised when I actually met Debbie, as she had no such intentions. Instead of judging me for what I couldn’t do she praised me what I could and instead of pushing me to the point I felt sick, she paced me, always asking how I was and establishing what my limits were. Debbie introduced me to a variety of exercises. Our sessions varied from intensive to calm, depending on what I could manage and what the session before had been like. In our calmer sessions we did Pilates, which still strengthened my core and improved my balance. Though I was one of Debbie’s younger clients, at 18 years of age, I never felt uncomfortable with Debbie or like she wasn’t working me the best way possible. Her principle that working until your sick actually doesn’t help you in the long run allowed me to work to my goals in a safe and understanding environment, though by no means does this mean Debbie went easy on me. Instead she simply remained aware of the balance needed to be fitter and healthier without punishing a client in the process. Thanks to Debbie I was able to lose 1 stone 3 pounds in the space of 7 weeks, which I will always be grateful for”. 

Rebecca Barnes, aged 20

“I have been suffering from an on-going knee problem for some time and sitting at my desk in an office all day has taken it’s toll on my posture and core strength.  Although physiotherapy is somewhat helpful, it is Debbie’s Pilates sessions that have really helped me make significant improvement.   Her calm confidence, knowledge and gentle instruction ensure you are in safe hands.  She tailor makes each session to be both challenging and fun by introducing different exercises each time, but always with a strong emphasis on correct postural alignment and breathing.  What a difference it has made!  Each session leaves me feeling free of tension and energised.  I cannot recommend Debbie highly enough”.

Tracey, Executive Assistant, Aged 52

I’ve never previously tried Pilates, but have joined in the sessions offered by the Trust. They are small group sessions and the teacher Debbie puts you at ease. After the first week, I have to say I felt a achy (I put that down to my age). Debbie recommended drinking lots of water and I have to say the day after my second session, I really felt great. No aches and my joints felt light and easy to move. I almost felt like a teenager! Debbie is so encouraging and makes you feel comfortable, I would encourage everyone to give it a go.”