“Pilates can help you find deeper understanding of connection between the mind and body and with regular practice can change your life. Pilates teaches postural alignment and integration and how to move with maximum efficiency to keep your body energized and free from pain.

Your entire body is a constant combination of coordinated movement. Your posture is changing at every instant. With each move your body is working out the ideal amount of bones and muscle it needs. This is directed by your brain and nervous system.

Pilates will allow you to master movement by engaging with your inner senses throughout your body. Working with gravity through controlled movement and using breathing techniques you will re-discover natural movement and alignment.

Each Pilates session will be structured using Joseph Pilates’ mat exercises and sometimes small equipment such as balls and bands which will either facilitate or challenge each exercise depending on your needs.

Before Pilates training can begin I will ask you to complete a thorough fitness screening questionnaire followed by a sequence of screening exercises. These will help me understand your personal requirements and desired goals. I will design a bespoke Pilates program based upon the results of your initial consultation.

I will bring all the essential equipment to your session.