Personal Training

The role of a Personal Trainer requires a depth of knowledge and a broad set of skills across a variety of different disciplines. I am a highly motivated, professional individual with the ability to relate to a diverse group of people.  My role is to offer a bespoke personal training programme in the privacy of your home to help you achieve your ultimate goal of fitness and weight loss.

Every session is designed to deliver a safe and effective exercise programme consisting of cardio vascular, strength and endurance exercises. I ensure each session is structured to keep you on your toes and motivated! My aim is to not only help you achieve your desired fitness goal, but I will encourage you to incorporate organized movement throughout your entire body whilst exercising.

In addition to regular exercise, we know that diet plays an important part of any fitness programme and our body cannot achieve ultimate performance unless we eat a nutritional balanced diet. I can offer dietary advice to help you identify habits, beliefs and triggers, which may have prevented you from achieving weight loss in the past.

The initial personal training consultation and taster session will give you the opportunity to discuss any fitness and dietary concerns you have. Together we will agree on your ‘tailor-made’ journey to becoming a fitter and healthier person.

During the first personal training session I will gather a wide variety of information from you before undertaking some health screening activities. The consultation will last for 1 hour.

If you cannot afford weekly 1-2-1 sessions, then try my new monthly training plan. I come to you for the initial consultation and together we agree a training schedule suitable for your body and needs. I will design a training plan for you to follow every week until you see me the following month. In addition to our monthly 1-2-1 session, I will email you weekly to answer any questions and keep you super motivated!

I will bring a selection of essential equipment to your session.