Specialist in Lower Back Pain

At some point during your life, you may experience lower back pain which can be very debilitating and may cause further problems with other parts of your body and health if ignored. Lower back pain can be caused by many areas of your life Рsitting and standing too much, occupation, smoking, obesity, pregnancy and various types of disease.
So what do you do when you get lower back pain? If the pain is not severe and feels like muscular tension or stiffness, you may go and see a physiotherapist or osteopath.
Alternatively, you could choose to invest in Pilates to create postural awareness, re-balance muscles groups, freeing any identified restrictions and re-educating functional movement.
Exercise in most cases is considered to be the solution to lower back pain because your body is designed to move and not to sit around for long periods of time especially if you are in a constant state of stress.
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