Breathing & Posture for Corporate Clients

“Breathing is a means to move away from the analytical world to take a small step to create a new habit”

Working in a stressful environment causes the hormone, cortisol, to go into overdrive. Elevated cortisol levels may interfere with learning and memory and increase weight gain and blood pressure.

More often than not, we ignore the fight/flight message generated within our body and we choose to stay in a state of stress in order to meet work deadlines.

By stepping away from your desk and participating in some gentle Pilates using controlled breathing techniques may well prove to be more productive than we imagine.

Correct breathing patterns transport oxygen efficiently to all cells in your body enabling you to eliminate toxins, cleanse your body and re-focus your mind.

Pilates can also help to improve and relieve tension from the musculature in the neck, shoulders and spine associated with sitting at a desk every day.

I offer postural exercises in a 45 minute lunchtime session which will help you clear your mind and improve your posture and concentration level.

I will bring essential equipment to the session.