About Debbie

“The more we listen to our body and focus our minds we begin to truly understand ourselves and start a journey to grow, repair and move freely. Until July 2015, I worked as an Account Manager for an Investment Management boutique in the West End. Having worked in the Investment Management industry for 15 years, I noticed particularly over the course of the last 18 months how workplace stress was inhibiting my posture and functional movement. Increased periods of stress also caused weight-gain, anxiety, low mood, fatigue and poor sleep. Collectively this caused aches and pain throughout my body, which proved to be debilitating in everyday life.  Simple everyday fundamental tasks were starting to become a challenge! So I finally listened to my body, let it talk and I made a decision:

Choices, chances, changes … I made a choice to take a chance and change my life or my body would never change

Concurrent to working full time in the financial sector, my fitness journey began 25 years ago when I qualified as a studio fitness instructor teaching aerobics, step and circuit training. Teaching groups was without doubt rewarding and fun, but then I refocussed to Personal Training in 2011, Pilates in 2012, GP Exercise Referral in 2015 and Exercise Specialist in Lower Back Pain in 2018. I am also a qualified NLP Fitness Coach and Reiki Master Teacher.

I am insured and am a member of UK Coaching

Debbie Lake